Why Layout?

Most email marketing platforms put campaign workflows or deliverability at the center. By doing so, they underestimate how crucial content is and consider there will always be a designer, in-house or outside the company, to carry out design-related tasks.

But email design goes beyond mere graphics. It requires specific skills and knowledge not everyone masters. In particular to ensure optimal display on all devices and web and desktop email clients.

This is how Layout came to life

Layout makes professional designers' lives easier, thanks to a drag-n-drop editor for responsive email creation.

Layout is a team of email marketing experts ready to support you to audit and implement your email strategy.

Count on the Layout teams and unleash the power of your email communications.

Win time

Save time

Determine the scope of action for each of your team members and save time bypassing the many backs-and-forths email design involves.

Work as a team

You want to experience more efficiency co-working on your emails? Layout has the set of collaborative features you need.

Groups management

Rights management

Profiles management

Resource sharing

Folder-based organization

Work together
Master your image

Control your image

Layout's intuitive interface allows you to create responsive messages easily in a few clicks.

Template gallery

Block gallery

Built-in image gallery

Photo editing tool

Easy integration of maps and videos

Font editor

Style editor

Export your projects

The success of an email goes beyond its graphics. Other criteria, besides the design, must be taken into account so that an email triggers the expected effects regardless of the device and the messaging used by the recipients.

Mobile friendly (responsive)

ESP compatible

.zip export

Direct export as HTML

Email clients compatible

Export your project

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