The perfect Email Template Builder for Marketing Cloud suites

Layout allows your teams to co-design emails with a streamlined style. Your campaigns will be optimized for all email clients, whether mobile or desktop.

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Editor compatible with all email clients

HTML content generated from Layout is tested on an everyday basis to make sure it's always compatible with all email clients available. Whenever they make an update, we'll update our app accordingly. We do the hard work so you don't have to!

Amazing responsive emails

Focus on creating content, Layout will take care of the tech part. Be sure your emails always auto adapt to the device used by your recipients to make the most of every communication.

Unleash the power of teamwork

With Layout, improve your team's productivity, efficiency and synergy. Co-work live using the same work environment and enjoy specific collaborative features.

Connect Layout with your preferred tools

Create more impact with email communications and engage your customers even more


Intuitive interface

The software has been designed for a swift start while offering a high quality user experience

Integration and compatibility

Compatible with all the campaign management tools on the market

Filters and search mode

Organize and personalize your tags and search your creations without any effort

Collaborative interface

Customize your newsletter on demand and lock your blocks and content for strong mastery

Advanced rights management

Decide who can access or amend campaign data and always keep control on your visual and editorial identity

Organize and share

Store and sort your creations and make them accessible to several collaborators at the same time

High-performance interface

An intuitive, easy to handle interface that's effective for everyone in a few clicks

Advanced EmailBuilder

Simply drag and drop the blocks of your choice, and build professional newsletters without any technical knowledge

100% secure

Enjoy a dedicated and personal interface. Your data is accessed only by people you have authorized to do so

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